Simple, Natural and Accessible: Home Design Trends for 2017

The year is almost over and we are beginning to see some interesting new design trends for 2017. We'll see different ways to organize, a lot more natural materials and universal design.

Drawers = More Organization

In the kitchen, we are starting to see deep kitchen drawers becoming popular again, replacing bottom drawer cabinets. Homeowners are enjoying how easy it is to organize the deep drawers with inserts and dividers. Deep kitchen drawers are even showing up in some unexpected places, such as under range tops and kitchen sinks. This creates some pretty interesting organizational possibilities in the kitchen.

Workhorse Islands Do It All

Organization in the kitchen has even spread to the kitchen island with workhorse islands. These kitchen islands do it all and have become the center of family life. They come with deep drawers, sinks for food preparation and even seating areas. The workhorse island can be used for kitchen preparation and storage, as a homework center, and even a place to wind down with a glass of wine and a good book.

Sunrooms Are In

As increasingly more people are drawn to the outdoors, sunrooms are starting to pop up a lot more. A sunroom adds a special, comfortable touch to a custom home, giving it extra light, warmth and a scenic view. With a casual atmosphere and the decor to match, sunrooms have become the place to relax, enjoy nature's splendor and spend time together with loved ones.

Universal Design for All

As more baby boomers are retiring and family members are choosing to live with or nearby older family members, universal design is becoming a standard part of interior design. Universal designs are generally low-maintenance, which appeals to homeowners who are busier than ever and seek low-maintenance options to support their active lifestyles. From varying counter heights to the removal of steps, universal design is becoming a trend in custom home building and remodeling projects.

Embrace Mother Earth

Natural is the way to go when remodeling. You'll notice an increased emphasis on natural stone and brick in both the interior and exterior of homes. Sometimes brick and stone are mixed together or used in wainscoting. All-stone houses are also becoming more common. The low maintenance of natural materials is also very appealing to the practical homeowner. Raw materials are also making their way into the kitchen with brick backsplashes and open wood shelving.

It's OK to Make a Grand Entrance

Grand entrances are making a sweeping comeback to match the large foyers that are so in vogue right now. Double doors are often made of wood, and homeowners skip the painting on the doors to showcase the warm, natural colors of wood, especially mahogany.

All the interior design trends of 2017 point toward a desire for a healthy home environment with accessible features. Adding a little bit more natural material into your home can make it more durable and reduce your maintenance costs. Making your home more accessible means that you and your family members can enjoy it for years to come. If you are ready to upgrade your home, contact Nea Maya or stop by our showroom today.