Inspiration for Your Luxurious Master Bathroom

If you're considering building a new home or updating your current one, you should know that bathrooms add value. Still deciding on what's going into your master bath during your remodel or custom build? Check out some of these options to get an idea of how you can create your own luxurious space to maximize comfort and relaxation. 

  1. A Glass-Free, Curb-less Shower
    You know that person who always forgets to squeegee after a shower? It's okay if it's you because it's possible to create a glass-free shower with a curb-less design. It requires significant space for additional plumbing and waterproofing. Consider dual or even multi shower heads, but be aware that placement is critical with a curb-less shower design. Benches are also a great addition to your luxury shower. Having a great shower doesn't mean you need to give up long relaxing baths. A space-saving Japanese soaking tub will still let you fully immerse yourself.
  2. Radiant Heat Floors
    Are you looking for an energy efficient way to heat your master bath with the added benefit of no cold feet during those morning bathroom trips? Radiant heat floors transfer heat from under the floor, and as the heat rises, it spreads throughout the room making it nice and cozy. There are two primary types of radiant floor heating systems. A dry radiant tube system uses electric tubes between layers of plywood or under your subfloor. A hydronic radiant floor system, on the other hand, uses water in a looped tube system heated by gas, wood or oil boilers, which tends to be more efficient.
  3. Separate Room for a Toilet
    A common feature of European, Japanese, and Australian bathrooms, the "water closet" has now come to the United States. Having a separate room for your toilet is perfect for creating comfort and privacy in your bathroom. It can be as simple as a wall with a towel rack, or as complex as a completely different room with added hidden storage options such as wall cubbies, recessed niches and pullout shelves.
  4. Connected Walk-In Closet
    Make your morning routine easier by connection your master bath to a walk-in closet. It's easy to have everything you need neatly displayed and within reach right when you need it. Designs can be very airy and open with space for shelves and for hanging garments, or it can be more compact. 
  5. Live Edge Wood Features
    There is something warm and wonderful about wood. Depending on the sealant and type of wood used, it can be every bit as easy to maintain as tile. Wood could be utilized on the vanity, storage shelves or even the countertops or sinks in your master bath. If you worry about damage, consider using reclaimed wood that already has years of character built in.