Get Excited About Your Home Theater with These 6 Tips

Since the commercial availability of televisions, home theaters have existed. Nowadays, many custom homes sport an entire room devoted to nothing but entertainment. Whether installed as part of a renovation project or incorporated into a new construction design, home theaters, also known as media rooms, offer all the benefits of the silver screen with extra perks added in. If you're ready to create that perfect movie getaway in your home, keep these six elements in mind:


Every home theater plan should consider the number of occupants at one time. If you host large holiday gatherings or regular parties, you'll need enough seating. You can accommodate a fair-sized crowd without devoting a lot of floor space to surround the screen. Rather, do as commercial theaters do and build tiered, or stadium, seating. With second and third rows behind the main line of couches and chairs, you can host several more viewers in a narrower space.

Comfortable Seating

Public auditoriums cram as many seats as possible into their respective spaces, so seats are usually cramped and hard. Inside your home, you can choose plush recliners, couches, ergonomic chaise lounges and even custom-made seats that replicate the theater look but provide far more upholstery. Be sure to place plenty of tables around to hold beverages and snacks plus ottomans to elevate your feet.

Wet Bars

Did your martini go dry before the end of the first act? No problem! Head over to your fully-stocked bar and fetch another. A custom wet bar in your media room also transforms it into a casual play room for you and your guests when you're not in the mood for a movie. Have friends over for the big game and lay out a buffet on the bar along with everyone's favorite drinks. 

Premium Equipment

Your home theater design options can be as economical or as luxurious as you'd like. We've seen rooms built for as little as $10k and some for much more. With all of the options available today, you have virtually no limits on how you can appoint your media room. However, one thing you don't want to skimp on is the electronics. Machines that fail to perform with top-notch quality and utter reliability tend to bring the home entertainment experience down. Be sure to select equipment that will offer you the best pictures, sound and unfailing dependability.



One of the best advantages of building your own home theater is that you have complete control over the audio. You can arrange your settings for your own comfort, but for the best sound quality, keep these principles in mind:


  • Incorporate too many straight surfaces that reflect sound back into the space.
  • Allow furnace, air conditioning, refrigerator and outside noise to compete with your soundtracks.

  • Block high-frequency sounds to the back rows.


  • Distribute speakers.

  • Deploy soft, uneven materials to prevent echoes and reverberations.

  • Consider staggering seats in the rows.

  • Have a professional consultant design the best surround sound schematic for you.

Perfect Style

From round rooms to exotic decorating themes, choose the right style for your unique tastes. You may want a media room that follows the overall decor of your home or one that expresses an entirely different motif.

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