Express Yourself With Your Finished Basement

A home with a basement is a home with the potential for a completely customized space. Basements offer a chance to build out the room of your dreams. Thinking about this area as little more than extra storage is a mistake, and ignores all of the raw potential that your basement holds. The team at Nea Maya would like to offer the following ideas on how to transform your finished basement into one of your favorite rooms in the house. 

Create Your Own Sports Bar

This is one of the most popular uses for a finished basement. Sports fans appreciate a dedicated space to display their memorabilia or collections and to entertain guests during games. It is possible to build in an actual bar, and the options are only limited by your imagination. Include a refrigerator to keep drinks cold, and a sink to make clean-up easier. You could even put in a few taps for an authentic bar feel without the sticky floors! You could also design a room that is more suited for screenings, with plenty of seating and lighting that can be turned up during parties and dimmed during games. 

Finished Basement 1.png

Design a Destination Room

For those who travel or yearn to travel more often, a finished basement is the perfect blank canvas for a design centered on past and future journeys. All too often, the things that we gather during trips end up packed away in boxes and stored under beds or in the attic. A dedicated travel room is a great way to display those memories, including photos, ticket stubs and postcards. Research shows that having visual reminders of positive experiences helps to reduce stress and increase happiness. Best of all, a wall can be dedicated to planning your next adventure, which brings a little bit of the joy of travel to an otherwise ordinary day. 

Make a Customized Wine Cellar

The climate of most basements is ideal for storing wine, and a finished basement can be transformed into a private wine cellar. Include a wine cooler to keep select bottles chilled, and consider adding seating so that the space can be used for entertaining. A bar or buffet can be a great area to serve food and can do double duty as additional storage, as well. There are so many decorative items centered on wine and wine regions that the hardest part of your project will be choosing the finishing touches to personalize your space. 

If you have a basement that you would like to remodel into your unique space, feel free to call the experts at Nea Maya to discuss your options. Whether you have a finished or unfinished basement, we have the skills and experience to take your ideas from the concept phase through to completion.