5 Features You'll Need For Your Luxury Closet

As a homeowner, there are certain features that you need to consider when designing your ideal space. A perfect walk-in closet is spacious, customized and makes your home feel more luxurious. Having your handbags, ties or jewelry displayed in a perfectly laid out closet will elicit a sense of efficiency. It’s a dream that any homeowner would appreciate.

Here are some luxury features that you might find in a walk-in closet in one of our modern home designs. Consider some of these style trends for your closet makeover:

  1. A Chandelier
    These aren't just for entryways or dining rooms. A chandelier can be a perfect focal point in your new closet. There are exotic lights in antique shops and local stores everywhere. Being able to acquire an attractive chandelier at various price points will give you the ability to easily spruce up your closet space and leave your friends amazed. It will make your morning routine feel more glamorous and enjoyable. 
  2. Display Storage for Handbags
    Do you love your collection of purses and handbags? Why not put them on display in your closet by giving each one an individual cubby? These storage units will save you the fuss of having to sort through your pile every time you are going out or switching out bags for the season. 
  3. A Full-Length Mirror
    Know exactly how you'll look in that new dress before you go out for a night on the town. Incorporating a full-length mirror will allow you to see the whole picture when deciding how to dress and accessorize for your next event. You don’t want to leave the house guessing whether your dress is perfectly fitted or if you picked the right shoes.
  4. Ample Space for Shoes
    A full wall of shoes can help you better organize your prized possessions. Do you organize by color, style or occasion? All up to you! You can even switch out your most prominently displayed shoes for the seasons. Feature your favorite fashion boots front and center in the winter and bring out the cute flats and sandals in the spring. 
  5. Seating Arrangement
    An essential feature to perfectly round out your closet is comfortable seating. Consider a full couch to relax on and experience some well-deserved time to yourself or have it just in case you need a second opinion during your private fashion show. You'll at the very least need it for a quick switch of the shoes.

Looking for more advice on your closet design? Talk to our design team today to learn more! We specialize in remodeling and custom home building. From high-end custom homes to single bath remodels, we have the knowledge and expertise to bring your dream designs to reality.