5 Essentials for a Dream Bathroom

Are you planning to remodel and update your existing master bath? Or, are you designing your custom home and have uncut stone from which to sculpt your perfect bathroom? Builders of luxury bathrooms offer so many design ideas that you may find it difficult to narrow down your options. To help you decide, we've selected five essential elements you should incorporate into your new design if you dream of a luxurious bathroom.

  1. A Custom Shower
    No ordinary box enclosure will do for a stunning new bathroom. In fact, the shower can stretch with or without any enclosure. Whether you'd prefer a wet room or glass-enclosed shower, the best design will have:
    Multiple Shower Heads — When you need to relax in a spa-like environment, the soothing effect of multiple shower heads will do the trick. Don't forget to add two or three body jets to help with any of those sore muscles.
    High-Tech Temperature Control — Kohler® and Delta® both supply shower hardware with digital temperature and volume control. Rather than fret with imprecise mechanical controls, you can have the perfect temperature immediately and adjust the spray as needed.
    Graceful Lighting — Go beyond the single row of overhead bulbs with several spotlights. Day or night, having fewer shadows and glare makes showering a more peaceful experience. For new custom homes, consider large windows or natural light from skylights to create the feel of a spa. Pendant lights or small chandeliers can illuminate the rest of the room in soft, tones easy on the eyes.
  2. An Elegant Tub
    No home should do without a deep soaking tub. On cold winter nights, few things can relax you better than a long soak with a good book and soft music. Free-standing tubs create a modern yet old-world ambiance. It can be a simplistic tub molded in one piece or a stylish claw foot tub, among many options. Be sure to include jets to relieve sore, aching muscles.
  3. Stylish Storage
    Depending on your tastes, your bathroom linen storage and medicine cabinets can run the range from nearly hidden for a clean, sleek look or stylishly decorative for a sophisticated, upscale expression. The larger the room, the more impressive ornate storage areas or cabinetry can be. 
  4. In-floor Heating
    Don't let a cold tile floor keep you in bed in the morning. Your dream bathroom design should include in-floor heating. Not only will your feet love you for it, especially if you choose beautiful tile or natural wood flooring, but in-floor heating also eliminates the need for heat vents. When the heat rises through the floor, it evenly warms the room. Heating vents, on the other hand, can render heat irregularly leaving you cold in spots and too warm in others.
  5. Connected Walk-in Closet
    Your special bathing retreat should be at one end of your walk-in closet with your bedroom on the other. This smooth transition enables an orderly flow in the morning and evening as you wind up for the day or prepare for bed.

However you imagine your dream bathroom, visit us at our showroom to take a look at the many possibilities. At Nea Maya, our experienced, knowledgeable representatives can help you bring your design ideas to life.

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