Partner with Nea Maya for your Next Home Remodel

When it comes to custom homes remodeling, it is important to partner with a business with the latest technology and a wealth of experience. Nea Maya has developed an impressive track record of happy and satisfied customers. Led by a leadership team that understands that importance of careful planning combined with unparalleled creative talent, Nea Maya has quickly become one of the leaders in home renovation. 

Experience Dating Back to 1985

Experience matters in home remodeling. Founder Zach Joseph comes from three generations of professional home renovators. Zach was helping with home construction while he was still in elementary school. He started visiting job sites his father was working on starting at 11 years old. Zach assisted in blueprint development at 12 years old, started building kitchen cabinets and repairing decks at 13, and was purchasing property and developing his own projects by 21. With such vast experience, Zach brings talent and expertise to every project. While he continues to foster his talents with kitchen renovation, he has impressive experience with plumbing, concrete, bricks and carpentry. With such a vast array of skills, he is unlike any other contractor.

Beginning to End Services

While Zach undoubtedly brings an impressive amount of experience to every home improvement project, the Nea Maya team can manage every service regarding any home. Zach brought in his wife, Aida Joseph, to act as the managing broker and director of operations. Aida brings 15 years of key real estate experience to the team. She handles the business's finances, helps draft contracts with clients and vendors, offers her tips on property values and even helps clients find the perfect property to meet their needs. From home improvement projects to helping customers buy their land, this team can do it all. 

The Showroom

For people who need some ideas for their next home improvement project, take a look at what the NeaMaya team has put together for other clients! From the most beautiful deck to the most comfortable bath, prior work is important. Visit the showroom to see what Zach and Aida have created for previous clients. They would be happy to offer their services to anyone looking for help with home remodeling. 

A Wide Array of Services

Whatever the needs, Nea Maya has the answer. In the kitchen, customers have received assistance with kitchen layout, cabinet renovations, new countertop installation, electrical rewiring and island addition. In bathrooms, everything from appliance installation to plumbing changes is a breeze for this team. Even on the porch, anyone looking for help with their deck can trust the experience Zach and Aida have gained over the years.

The Nea Maya Price Guarantee

Many people have the experience of budgeting for a certain price and then watching as the price balloons throughout the renovation. This will never happen with Nea Maya. The team will guarantee that the price set on day one will be the price at the end of the project. This integrity sets Nea Maya apart from every other business on the market.

If you are looking for a high-quality home remodel at the most affordable price, contact NeaMaya. We'll get you scheduled for a consultation and on your way to your dream home.